The Economist Presents: The Space Economy Summit

The Economist Presents: The Space Economy Summit

US Event Unites Space and Business Leaders To Maximise Returns On Earth

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, August 22, 2023/ — As space technology extends its influence into mainstream industry, The Economist is proud to announce its first ever Space Economy Summit on October 11th in Los Angeles. This landmark event, part of the acclaimed Economist Impact events series, will foster connections between leaders in space and leaders across multiple industries, government and science. Scheduled for October 11th in-person and continuing virtually on October 12th, the event promises to be a hub for groundbreaking ideas, innovations, and collaborative opportunities.

A bridge between space and earth

While space has always captured imagination, its commercial, social, and environmental potential is now more tangible than ever. SpaceX has achieved reusable rocket technology, unlocking more affordable access to space, and satellite networks provide global broadband internet. Space-based sensors also deliver unprecedented climate change data.

As the space industry continues to advance, the Space Economy Summit will highlight the vast opportunities it is enabling across sectors. Attendees from agriculture, pharmaceuticals, mining, insurance, finance, maritime, and more can expect to gain valuable industry-specific insights on how they can leverage space technology and innovation

The summit boasts a lineup of over 100 renowned speakers, including Peter Beck, President and chief executive officer, Rocket Lab; Dr Laurie Leshin, Director, NASA JPL; Sir Martin Rees, UK Astronomer Royal; Lt. Gen. John E. Shaw of United States Space Command, and Dylan Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space. With over 60 sessions, the event is expected to draw over 400 in-person attendees and an additional 1000+ joining online.

“Today, space is everyone’s business. The rapid expansion of the industry presents immense opportunities to collaborate across all sectors” said Helen Ponsford, Head of Trade, Technology, Industry Events Programming at The Economist. “We are excited that the Space Economy Summit will facilitate pivotal conversations about realising the full potential of new space. Speakers and attendees alike will leave with actionable ideas to help accelerate innovation in the space economy.”

From payloads to payback

The event’s agenda encompasses a vast range of insightful sessions covering the most compelling topics and promising areas of investment in the space economy. From earth observation industry case studies, space debris and sustainability, to the future of in-space manufacturing, the agenda dives deep into the topics that will define the space industry’s trajectory. Attendees can expect a comprehensive discourse that gets to the heart of the challenges and opportunities facing long term space commercialisation and exploration.

While the aerospace and defence sectors are key players, the summit emphasises the potential for mainstream industries, from banking to biotechnology, to harness space data and tech. Attended by senior industry executives, technology experts, and decision-makers, and guided by The Economist’s seasoned editors, participants can anticipate well-rounded and insightful discourse on this rapidly advancing field.

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The Economist Presents: The Space Economy Summit

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