Summon Platform Live on Cardano Mainnet with Innovative DAO Features

Summon Platform Live on Cardano Mainnet with Innovative DAO Features

The Summon Platform: A Comprehensive Solution

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, April 28, 2023/ — The Summon Association has announced that the Summon Platform is now live and open to the general public, running on the Cardano Blockchain. The platform is designed to unlock the ability for anyone to create or participate in Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) through an intuitive user interface. Through Summon, user communities have access to critical governance, treasury, and digital asset management infrastructure to leverage the security, cost efficiency, and performance of the fifth largest Layer-1 blockchain by market capitalization.

With this release, users can now form “Communities” and manage multiple “Multi-Sigs” with ease. The fully integrated “Polling” feature allows snapshot-style voting where users can poll their community members based upon a token-weighted holdings or an imported list of blockchain addresses.

“We’re excited to be offering a platform that combines Community Coordination and Multi-sig Wallets with Snapshot-style Voting for the Summon Community,” said Adam Rusch, President of the Summon Association. “Locating these features together is a significant step in our goal of revolutionizing decentralized governance and digital asset management.”

The Summon Association states that integrations with the Agora DAO standard are already underway. Agora is an open-source library of Plutarch scripts designed to enable modular and flexible DAO contracts to be written, which were built in collaboration between Liqwid Labs, MLabs, and the ADAO Community. DeFi integrations will soon follow.

“I’m honored to have been a part of bring the Summon Platform to life,” said Matthew Bowen, Head of Commercialization for Summon Labs. “The potential for blockchain and other emerging technologies to revolutionize industries is limitless and I look forward to pushing the boundaries further in areas like digital asset treasury management and off-chain asset tokenization.”

In addition to these exciting initial features, the Summon community can expect to see ongoing development of additional modules for the platform, such as multi-chain integrations, allowing for seamless cross-chain asset management and communication. As an interoperable Web3 operating system the Summon Platform will empower users from all over the world to interact with one another and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

“As the lead architect of the Summon Platform I am deeply honored to have contributed to this endeavor,” said Riley Kilgore, Head of Development for Summon Labs. “The world is entering a new era that will be shaped by users who harness the power of blockchain, decentralized governance and digital identity to explore ideas and push the boundaries of innovation. Our journey at Summon has just begun.”

About the Summon Platform

The Summon Platform is a revolutionary no-code governance and digital asset management platform, developed by the Summon Association, a Zug, Switzerland based registered organization. The platform, which is now live and open to the public on the Cardano Mainnet, offers innovative features such as multi-signature wallets with integrated snapshot-style voting, enabling users to form communities and manage multiple treasuries and DAOs with ease.

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