Steve Hecker Appointed Chief Technology Officer at Snorble

Steve Hecker Appointed Chief Technology Officer at Snorble

Snorble: An Intelligent and Engaging Buddy

Veteran of 25 Years Developing Consumer Products Has Been at the Cutting Edge of Snorble’s Development as Engineering and Manufacturing Lead

We are changing the way people think about technology products, and I look forward to every day I help make that happen.”

— Steve Hecker

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 14, 2022 / — Snorble Inc. has appointed Steve Hecker to the position of Chief Technology Officer.

Steve was there when our lovable Snorble® spoke their first words and smiled for the first time. Those are proud moments for any parent, but especially for someone who has overseen the development of Snorble as Engineering and Manufacturing Lead since the very beginning

Having spent 20 months developing Snorble in that critical initial role, Steve directs the company’s strategic development by driving further advancements in breakthrough technology for manufacturing and engineering, while overseeing all research, science, and technology efforts. Steve manages a delivery team and partners who design and develop the platform features that embody the Snorble vision, and works closely with business, marketing, and analytics partners to enhance the customer experience.

“Designing a product that utilizes cutting edge technology to benefit families around the world is incredibly rewarding, so I am excited to expand my role in that mission here at Snorble,” said Steve, who has been creating innovative consumer products for more than 25 years. “I’ve always enjoyed pushing boundaries when designing truly unique products like Snorble; unexpectedly functional, unusually beautiful, bold, and considerate.

“Working with the incredible team at Snorble, we are changing the way people think about technology products, and I look forward to every day I help make that happen.”

Team Snorble includes proven leaders in animation, storytelling, child development, product engineering, voice recognition, and AI, with recent additions in marketing, sales, software engineering, and design roles.

“It has been extremely rewarding to see our team grow and embrace our mission with hard work and empathy, and we have done so much in relatively little time,” added the CTO, as Snorble readies to launch the engaging and intelligent buddy. “Snorble emphasizes and encourages engagement between parents and kids in a way that has never been successfully deployed before, and this process has opened my eyes to a large gap in the marketplace. We have created a resource for both children and parents that families will truly be able to share and enjoy together.”

Snorble CEO and Co-Founder, Mike Rizkalla, said: “Steve is simply incredible in so many ways. As an engineer, a leader, a visionary, and as a person. Everyday, I am thankful for his contributions, both personally and professionally.

“The role of CTO in our company is crucial as success hinges so much on it. So it is a testament to Steve that leadership made the decision so easily. I am amazed by this team. In my career, a group operating like this has never been assembled.”

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About Snorble:

The flagship Snorble product is an engaging and intelligent buddy that helps children and families develop healthy habits and bedtime routines. By blending proprietary natural language processing and AI with an animated character, Snorble creates an experience for families that has never been seen before. For more information about the company and its products, visit

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