Michael Borgelt is Changing How Entrepreneurs Start Digital Marketing Businesses

Michael Borgelt is Changing How Entrepreneurs Start Digital Marketing Businesses

-, -, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — How White Label Solutions are transforming the way entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses.

To Be Dated: The internet has changed how entrepreneurs set up their businesses. The rise of E-commerce has eliminated the need for most businesses, except for those in specific industries, to operate brick-and-mortar stores, warehouses, or office spaces. Instead, a website and some digital marketing channels are all they need to start their business and start acquiring customers. These technological advancements have significantly changed the business landscape, making it easier for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.

Michael Borgelt’s agencies are playing their part in helping entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses by offering exceptional white label digital marketing services. A renowned entrepreneur, Michael Borgelt started his first agency, 51blocks.com, to help digital marketing agencies provide better

marketing and search engine results for their clients with his SEO expertise using The Just Sell Method . 51blocks.com provides white label SEO services to agencies with guaranteed visible results in 30 days through the Just Sell Method – another brainchild devised by Borgelt.

As the SEO landscape has progressed, search engines like Google and Bing have updated their guidelines, further emphasizing how website design correlates with SEO. One element of website design that particularly affects SEO is website loading speed. As a long-time SEO advocate and a thought leader, Borgelt understands how website design and hosting can impact SEO. This knowledge prompted him to start his second agency, BionicWP, in 2020. BionicWP is a managed WordPress hosting service like no other. It offers clients another guarantee: to help improve SEO results by enhancing their website’s page loading speeds considerably.

Borgelt shared, “The goal has always been to help entrepreneurs improve their ability to utilize digital marketing channels for business success. As a long-term proponent of SEO, the focus with 51Blocks was to educate people about SEO and help agencies better utilize the best SEO practices, ensuring clients fulfilled their marketing objectives. 51Blocks’ white label SEO services have helped hundreds of agencies and thousands of clients since its inception in 2009. BionicWP, on the other hand, ties into the overall vision. It helps entrepreneurs rank higher in SERPs by improving page loading speeds. In addition, it also makes it easier for entrepreneurs to get their businesses online by providing managed WordPress hosting services.”

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About Michael Borgelt

Michael Borgelt is one of the leading figures in the digital marketing landscape. His SEO expertise has made him a renowned figure, with 51Blocks helping clients with their SEO efforts since 2009. His other company, BionicWP, is also helping businesses establish a robust online presence with its managed WordPress services and page speed optimization capabilities.

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