Medical Equipment Company in San Diego Specializing in Refurbished Hospital Beds, Stretchers and Exam Tables

Medical Equipment Company in San Diego Specializing in Refurbished Hospital Beds, Stretchers and Exam Tables

Used and refurbished Hill Rom hospital beds including the P3200 Versacare model

Refurbished Ritter 204 exam tables

Refurbished Ritter 204 exam tables

Hill Rom P8000 Transtar stretcher refurbished being used in an emergency room

Hill Rom P8000 Transtar stretcher refurbished being used in an emergency room

A San Diego California medical equipment company is expanding its inventory of used and refurbished medical equipment including hospitals beds and exam tables.

GMG Medical Equipment is a San Diego California based medical equipment company specializing in new, used and refurbished exam tables, hospital beds and stretchers for new medical clinics.”

— Sean Callahan

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 19, 2023/ — The medical equipment industry is a fast changing world. As technology advances so too does the need for older medical equipment to find a home and be removed from hospitals and surgery centers. Most medical equipment is normally picked up by medical equipment companies and dealers who in turn recertify and refurbish the equipment and then resell it to various medical buyers. One San Diego California based company called GMG Medical Equipment has started specializing in providing used refurbished hospital beds, stretchers, gurneys, exam tables, ENT chairs and exam beds. The company which features a wide variety of doctor office equipment, surgical equipment, urgent care equipment, EKG’s and ultrasounds is starting to stock more refurbished equipment to fill growing customer needs.

The Southern California medical industry continues to see growth with dermatology, OB-GYN, general practice, urgent care and surgical centers. Many of these new start up medical clinics and growing medical clinics are buying used and refurbished medical equipment to save on start up costs. The savings from buying new equipment to refurbished medical equipment can be substantial and normally save anywhere from forty to sixty percent cost savings. With some medical equipment manufacturers also experiencing delays in production this can also be a more timely. With many hospitals and surgery centers also recovering from unexpected budget cuts the demand for used and refurbished medical equipment continues to grow.

GMG Medical Equipment in North County San Diego California has seen a growing increase in hospitals and surgery centers looking for refurbished hospital beds, exam tables, stretchers, gurneys and ENT chairs. The shrinking budgets of hospitals is also the amount of equipment coming in for repair.

“We are seeing a lot of doctor offices, surgery centers and urgent care facilities coming and looking for refurbished exam beds”, said GMG CEO Gloria Flores. “In some cases the fulfillment times are longer than expected and for many new clinics the cost savings to open a new facility is much cheaper. Some of the main items we are seeing increases in sales for are refurbished stretchers, used ENT chairs, hospital beds and exam tables, ” she continued. “We are still selling portable ultrasounds, EKG’s, patient vital sign monitors and blood pressure equipment new since those items are not far off from the cost of used equipment”, she concluded.

Exam tables in San Diego are some of the more popular items sold in the used refurbished medical equipment market. Classified as a furniture items these devices do not often move around much and normally only require some minor touch up paint and new upholstery. Customers can match the upholstery colors with new color themes in the exam rooms and there has been very few changes in the style and design. Normal pull out drawer step stools, storage drawers, stirrups and adjustable tops and that has not changed over the last twenty years. For power exam tables there have been some minor changes in the height of the exam beds going from 27 inches to 18 inches in height. The lower height is referred to as “barrier free” and is ideal for patients with limited mobility or pediatric patients. The normal lead time to get a used exam table reupholstered is about two weeks and is a much shorter waiting time from buying new which normally runs about ninety days.

For hospital beds and full electric medical beds the demand has also increased as more and more home care patients are staying home and not going into long term care facilities as often. As more and more baby boomers start getting home care the need for a hospital grade bed also continues to increase. Hospital beds from Hill Rom and Stryker which can easily sell new for over ten thousand dollars can be purchased refurbished for at least fifty percent lower pricing. This is especially important for patients with limited mobility who spend most of their time in bed and are at risk of getting bed sores and skin ulcers. With many of the Hill Rom ICU beds like the Hill Rom P1900 TotalCare Sport 2, the Hill Rom P7500 Progressa and the Hill Rom P3200 Versacare having a wound care surface saving money for these patients in a challenging economy is especially important.

Surgery centers and many surgical procedures rely on gurneys and stretchers to transport patients from the operating room to post anesthesia care units and these facilities are also looking to buying recertified medical equipment. Transport gurneys are another medical equipment item that has few electronics and is easier to refurbish than imaging equipment. For many of these surgical centers increasing case loads and seeing more patients having more working stretchers is essential. Stretchers like the hospital beds and exam tables are also items that are durable and normally do not require much if any service. GMG Medical Equipment has trained staff and technicians who can repair and perform preventive maintenance checks on equipment to ensure it is in good working order when it arrives. For items like beds and stretchers new mattress pads are also added to ensure long life and a nice presentation on delivery. For these types of doctor offices in San Diego, Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles GMG Medical Equipment is helping bring in some low cost options for refurbished medical equipment.

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