Kestrel Insights and Vizion Announce Commercial Partnership

Kestrel Insights and Vizion Announce Commercial Partnership

Kestrel Insights’ geo-fencing data is now available within Vizion API’s payloads.

UNITED STATES, January 31, 2023 / — Kestrel Insights and Vizion have announced a commercial partnership that will empower mutual users to harness the power of Kestrel’s geo-fencing and Vizion’s ocean freight container tracking data. When using these two technologies in tandem, cargo owners and freight forwarders gain access to the most nuanced location information and status updates available.

Traditional geo-fencing is incredibly limited in what it can offer to those operating in the supply chain industry. Most logistics technology platforms rely on geometric shapes like circles, or manual creation methods to cover the areas that they are interested in geo-fencing. But most areas of interest, like ports and terminals, are not configured in basic geometric shapes, or can be very difficult to manually define on a map. Their outlines include a number of changes of direction and are rarely if ever circular in nature.

Kestrel Insights offers a global geo-fencing database that delivers precise boundaries for better location data. As more and more ocean freight containers include on-board tracking devices, precise geofencing data can be used to send container location updates in as close to real-time as possible.

Complementary to Kestrel Insights’ geofencing data, Vizion pushes the most complete, reliable and detailed container location updates and ETAs by leveraging AIS, EDI, port and terminal events, plus other data sources. Vizion’s API provides coverage of more than 98% of ocean shipments, giving users the ability to replace dated, manual container tracking processes with an automated system.

Vizion now includes Kestrel Insights’ data in its API payloads, allowing users to match Vizion’s AIS geo-data with Kestrel’s terminal polygon bounding boxes.

“The team at Vizion has been a perfect partner for Kestrel Insights,” said Kestrel Insights Co-founder Lucas Schorer. “The Vizion team was first intrigued by the datasets we were developing, and shared in our view of a centralized geofencing database, but then shared their insights and ideas for ways we could expand the impact and value of both our platforms by working together. From bringing online new global regions to looking at ways our teams can derive valuable insights from the combination of our datasets, the Vizion team is always looking for ways to change how people approach visibility, and raising the bar on what customers can and should expect from their visibility platforms.”

“Kestrel Insights has created a service that delivers invaluable data to cargo owners and others in the supply chain space,” said Vizion CEO Kyle Henderson. “Both Kestrel and Vizion have developed services that improve upon traditional and limited approaches to visibility, and we’re excited about partnering to bring our services to more users.”


Logistics technology platforms and logistics service providers are unable to meet the needs of their customers using arbitrary circular geo-fences and manually drawn polygon geo-fences. Kestrel Insights is here to change that. Our combination of automation and precision allows partners to leverage a higher quality geo-fencing database that provides a more accurate, better customer experience. Our data is available worldwide via API or bulk upload, so start leveraging geo-fences in a new way with Kestrel Insights today at


Cargo owners and freight forwarders have traditionally tracked containers by calling carriers or visiting websites. At Vizion, we replace manual, error-prone approaches with an API that pushes accurate location updates and ETAs to your ERP, TMS or other system. Our API normalizes data from multiple sources for fast, confident decision-making. And those sources are already connected, giving you instant-on capabilities. Our data is the most complete and reliable available, including EDI, AIS, port/terminal events, plus more. We refresh these sources multiple times daily to reduce latency to 6 hours or less. Track a container now at

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