Jianpu Technology Explores the Application of Large Language Models in the Financial Industry

Jianpu Technology Explores the Application of Large Language Models in the Financial Industry

BEIJING, CHINA, October 9, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jianpu Technology Inc. (“Jianpu,” or the “Company”) (NYSE: JT), a leading independent open platform for the discovery and recommendation of financial products in China, is pleased to share its latest progress in developing a large language model (“LLM”) application platform and a multi-modal intelligent financial platform to support the digital transformation of financial institutions. Jianpu Technology has initiated discussions with financial institutions to explore partnerships focused on the innovative application of LLM within the financial sector.

Jianpu’s platforms address several hurdles faced by financial institutions in implementing LLMs, and were developed with an emphasis on ensuring safe usage in a controlled sandbox environment, the accuracy and timeliness of datasets and financial information, the stability of the models applied to specific scenarios, and the security compliance of the output. These qualities help these solutions meet state-owned licensed financial institutions’ strict requirements for the internal operation and deployment of LLM applications.

“We are thrilled to announce this substantial step forward in Jianpu’s effort to bring cutting-edge generative AI innovations to the financial sector,” said Jianpu CEO Mr. David Ye. “Over the years, Jianpu has accumulated valuable expertise, data, and resources through its endeavors in the field of AI, giving us a competitive edge in the market as AI technology matures into its next phase of development. With its depth of expertise and technical talent, our team is well-positioned to leverage this advantage, enabling us to deliver innovative and tailored AI solutions for financial institutions and stay at the forefront of the industry. We are excited to show our partners how these innovative platforms can empower their business processes and to explore further applications as AI technology advances further.”

Jianpu’s multi-modal intelligent financial platform leverages open-source LLM capabilities and a rich supply of industry data to deliver functionalities ranging from regulatory compliance to simplifying industry terminology and assessing institutional risk. A flexible structure enables regular upgrades to the model that powers this platform.

Supporting this intelligent financial platform, as well as customized solutions for clients, is the Company’s LLM application platform, which comprises four areas: 1) basic infrastructure for computing resources and storage; 2) LLM applications, including open source and non-open source models such as OpenAI and LLaMA; 3) data processing to support the transformation of textual data to embedded data; and 4) applications that deploy the processed data to fulfill operational needs. This platform enables a rapid and efficient application development process, while its flexibility allows the Company to develop customized applications that meet the specific needs of clients.

Jianpu is poised to lead the exploration of LLM deployment in the financial industry, empowering the digital transformation of financial institutions through technological advancement. Moving forward, Jianpu plans to delve deeper into areas such as intelligent customer service, intelligent investment advisory, and risk assessment, as it aims to further enhance its own efficiency and support financial institutions in their pursuit of operational excellence.

About Jianpu Technology Inc.

Jianpu Technology Inc. is a leading independent open platform for the discovery and recommendation of financial products in China. The company connects users with financial service providers in a convenient, efficient, and secure way. By leveraging its proprietary technology, Jianpu provides users with customized search results and recommendations tailored to each user’s particular financial needs and profile. The Company also enables financial service providers with sales and marketing solutions to reach and serve their target customers more effectively through integrated channels and enhance their competitiveness by providing them with tailored data, risk management services, and solutions. The Company is committed to maintaining an independent open platform, which allows it to serve the needs of users and financial service providers impartially. For more information, please visit http://ir.jianpu.ai.

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