Intropia Closes Angel Round To Revolutionize Web3 Recruitment

Intropia Closes Angel Round To Revolutionize Web3 Recruitment

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After successful rebranding, the leading web3 talent platform reveals plans for scaling and further development with investor’s support.

Talent is the most important and scarce resource in the world, especially in the web3 space. That’s why we are building a positive-sum ecosystem that helps to find the best opportunities.”

— intropia founder & CEO, Max Uperiaka

LISBON, PORTUGAL, January 31, 2023 / — INTROPIA (prev. tr3butor), the leading web3 talent platform and community, is pleased to announce the closing of angel round, led by Konstantin Lomashuk (P2P), Marat Kichikov (Bitfury), Thanh Le (Coin98), Tritium (BadgerDAO), Max Krupyshev (Coinspaid), Romano (Viacoin), and a dozen of others.

Founded by experienced Ukrainian entrepreneurs with combined decades of experience in the crypto, recruiting, and app development space, intropia is on a mission to help web3 organizations efficiently hire the best talent and empower individuals to find the best-suited jobs in the most promising startups.

“Talent is the most important and scarce resource in the world, especially in the web3 space. Hiring in web3 is extremely hard, with a very limited and highly selective talent pool, inefficient web2-based recruitment tactics and tools, and underdeveloped hiring processes of most web3 organizations,” said intropia founder & CEO, Max Uperiaka. “That’s why we are building a positive-sum ecosystem that helps organizations overcome their recruitment challenges, communities to monetize their audience, and individuals to find the best opportunities.”

intropia’s unique approach combines the best of a job board and a recruitment agency, serving talent opportunities to thousands of potential candidates through its own platform and referral network. Employers can post jobs, bounties, grants, hackathons, and events, and set rewards for successful hires. intropia then takes care of serving these opportunities to its own talent pool and referral network, consisting of vetted agencies, builder communities, media outlets, KOLs, and education providers.

With the closing of this angel round, intropia will continue to build its platform and community, as well as expand its network of partnerships and clients. The funds will also be used to make first steps into its web3-native platform, powered by on-chain profiles, verifiable credentials, smart contract secured rewards, and DAO governance.

“We are very excited to invest in intropia and to support their mission of creating a positive-sum ecosystem for web3 talent,” said Konstantin Lomashuk, co-founder of Lido. “As a founder of web3 project, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to find the right talent for your organization. intropia’s approach is unique and valuable, and I believe it has the potential to revolutionize the web3 recruitment space.”

intropia is currently live with its job board and referral recruitment solution, and is serving its first clients and generating revenue. The company plans to continue iterating on its product and growing its community, with the ultimate goal of becoming the leading talent community and professional network in web3. Project will also invest in educational content for talent as well as training events, conferences and workshops for web3 professionals. Educational content will help to interact with a large number of people and bring a lot of talented professionals from web2 to web3.

CPO of intropia Oleg Gorlachov mentioned that the team members are thrilled to have the support and backing of such accomplished and respected web3 founders. “This angel round is a huge validation of our vision and our progress so far, and we are excited to continue building the best web3 talent platform and community.”

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