How Remote Work can Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM

How Remote Work can Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM

LEWES, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2022 / — Women comprise only 34% of the workforce in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), according to the NGCP. Even worse, women constitute only 26% of computer and mathematical sciences, and a measly 16% of the engineering workforce. The reasons behind this gender disparity are still being understood, but have been attributed to various biological, social, and environmental factors. In the end, the world still has less women pursuing continuing education in these STEM fields, and even less pursuing actual careers in these fields–despite their degrees!

Much of what needs to be done to overcome these challenges starts before women are entering the workforce while interests, opportunity, and skills are still being developed. However, one challenge businesses are facing is how to do their part to bridge this gender gap in STEM.

While opportunities to work remotely were available prior to the pandemic, the pandemic has increased the awareness, prevalence, and positive attitude towards remote work. The world has seen a great increase in the number of remote jobs across the world. Remote work provides a new opportunity to help bridge this gender gap by allowing businesses to hire more women from around the world.

Many women may be restricted by geographic location, childcare responsibilities, or lack of opportunity in their regions. With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, this opens up more opportunities to employ women currently in the industry, and entices young women to pursue STEM fields given this greater opportunity for work.

By expanding the talent pool, you increase the number of women in STEM available for hire. However, international hiring–even when done remotely–does not come without its challenges.

Setting up a business for remote, international hiring is time consuming and expensive. First, how does a business determine which countries are most viable for the type of talent they need? Second, it requires extensive research, time, and legal representation to develop entities just to compliantly hire remote talent. Next, you need to learn how to effectively find that talent and understand pay and benefits regulations in the individual country. Finally, they need to actually distribute the pay and benefits.

This complicated process is conceivable for many larger businesses (though time consuming). However, this can be far more daunting for startups and small to medium sized businesses that want to hire remote talent. It makes it that much harder for these businesses to work on bridging this gender gap in STEM.

Thankfully, Cosmogence breaks down these barriers and makes hiring internationally conceivable–and even easy!

Cosmogence provides an exceptional opportunity to those trying to bridge this gender gap by removing these constraints. They help businesses hire remote employees from around the world by 1) finding remote talent from around the world, 2) helping the business compliantly hire that talent in their respective countries, and 3) running payroll and distributing benefits according to each countries regulations.

Cosmogence makes hiring remote employees easy with 5 simple steps:

1. Share Job Requirements

2. Receive Matched Candidate Profiles

3. Review Resumes & Video Pitches

4. Conduct a Virtual Video Interview

5. Complete Easy Hiring Paperwork

They have a full team of lawyers to ensure legal compliance and enforceable contracts, and HR experts to find the best of the best talent the world has to offer. With Cosmogence, borders don’t have to stand in the way of hiring exceptional women in STEM. North American Businesses can expand their talent pool, and find the best talent, but easier!

With so few women in engineering and computer and mathematical sciences, Cosmogence wants to help bridge this gap by providing well-paying opportunities to exceptional women around the world. Cosmogence specializes in finding tech talent in various roles such as remote Full-stack Developers, Front-End Developers, Back-End Developers, QA Analysts, and DevOps Engineers.

Cosmogence is one step American businesses can take to hire more women in STEM!

Each remote technical candidate is thoroughly vetted based on their theoretical background, working-knowledge, and hands-on experience in relevant technologies. Beyond technical evaluations, Cosmogence evaluates various character traits and soft skills applicable to the type of role the remote candidate will be taking on. Finally, they get to know what type of cultural fit they are looking for to ensure a good match for both the candidate and employer!

Bridge the gender gap in STEM by hiring remote women in technology with Cosmogence.

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How Remote Work can Bridge the Gender Gap in STEM

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