Elon Musk’s Teslabot release named | Robo finger with living skin | Technology News

Elon Musk’s Teslabot release named | Robo finger with living skin | Technology News

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You are on PRO Robots channel and in this video we present news of high technologies. Live-skinned robo-opalester, working prototype of the Tesla Bot robot, dream robot of Boston Dynamics founder Mark Rybert, serial launch of Cybertruck and the first jet-powered flying motorcycle! Watch all the most interesting high-tech news in one issue!

0:00 Intro
0:24 Robo Finger with Live Skin
1:36 Elon Musk promised to showcase Tesla Bot in September
2:43 Tesla Cybertruck
3:48 Speeder P2 Jet Pack
4:45 ANYmal robot, which on wheels moves better and more carefully
6:03 China Introduced Artificial Intelligence for Military
6:28 For the second time, NASA has installed its Lunar Mission SLS rocket
6:55 Aerotaxis eVTOL VoloConnect
7:23 Prosperity I Apparatus
8:12 Pizzaiola robot chef
8:50 Raspberries assembled by robots
9:36 GRoW and MetoMotion will make their debut at GreenTech Amsterdam 2022
10:06 Delivery of pizza by drones becomes a reality
10:37 Car Jidu Robo-1
11:44 Geely recently launched its own unmanned vehicle navigation satellites
12:06 Robot for manicure
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