Camera Corps Basecam Approved by the Major Baseball League (MBA)

Camera Corps Basecam Approved by the Major Baseball League (MBA)

Basecam infield camera for MBL

Camera Corps, developer of customized broadcast cameras for sports, has Basecam approved by the MBA.

BYFLEET, UNITED KINGDOM, December 19, 2023 / — In a groundbreaking collaboration, Camera Corps, developer of specialist cameras for sports, proudly announces the approval of its cutting-edge Basecam by the Major Baseball League (MBA). The Basecam, a fully integrated broadcast specialized action camera embedded within the base itself, promises an immersive and dynamic viewing experience for baseball enthusiasts.

Developed in partnership with broadcast giant Warner Bros Discovery and base manufacturer Rawlings, the Basecam introduces a multi-camera system that captures live streams from the perspective of the base infield. This innovative technology provides viewers with unique angles, showcasing the skills of both fielders and batters in high-definition detail.

Key Features of the Basecam:

* Multi-Camera System: Equipped with state-of-the-art cameras, the Basecam delivers full broadcast HD quality, ensuring every play is captured with precision.

* RF Connectivity: The system boasts seamless COFDM RF connectivity for video and data control with remote management capabilities, allowing for efficient live streaming.

* Health and Safety Compliance: Meeting stringent health and safety standards is a top priority for player safety.

*Strategic Partnerships: Developed in collaboration with MLB, Warner Bros. Discovery and Rawlings, the Basecam benefits from creative input, material expertise, and size optimization, ensuring a seamless integration into the baseball environment.

* Future-Forward Technology: Camera Corps envisions the Basecam evolving with emerging technologies covering connectivity, formats, and enhanced audio, promising an even more immersive experience for fans and broadcasters alike.

* Sponsorship Opportunities: Beyond its creative applications, the Basecam provides an additional revenue stream for broadcasters by offering sponsored shots to as part of the fan engagement experience.

“The approval from the Major Baseball League is a testament to Camera Corps commitment to delivering cutting-edge camera technology that enhances the viewer experience while prioritizing player safety. We want to get cameras into new perspectives, allowing broadcasters to differentiate themselves with new and exciting shots” said Barry Parker, Commercial Manager at Camera Corps.

The Basecam will be available for rental, with comprehensive support from Camera Corps. For more information about this revolutionary technology and other specialized camera solutions, please visit Camera Corps website at

About Camera Corps

Camera Corps is a leading UK-based innovator in customized camera setups, rental, and specialised camera solutions. With a focus on revolutionizing broadcast productions across various markets, including sports, entertainment, and corporate events, Camera Corps is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology and impartial expertise.

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