ArmorPoint Unveils New Cybersecurity Program Management Solution

ArmorPoint Unveils New Cybersecurity Program Management Solution
New Integrated Cybersecurity Solution Goes Beyond Security Operations to Unify Managed SOC, Managed Risk, and Managed Strategy in One Ecosystem

ArmorPoint, LLC, a leader in innovative cybersecurity solutions, today unveils its strategic expansion of its services with the introduction of a full suite of cybersecurity program management solutions. This positions ArmorPoint as more than a Managed Security Operations Center (SOC) provider; it emerges as a holistic cybersecurity program practice. The new services, namely Managed Risk and Managed Strategy, are designed to meet the needs of organizations seeking an integrated and proactive defense approach.

Creating a Continuous Improvement Mindset

ArmorPoint's expansion brings a unified approach to cybersecurity, seamlessly integrating risk management, strategic planning, and real-time threat detection. This integration creates a proactive and adaptive approach to cybersecurity, enabling organizations to enhance their resilience against cyber threats, minimize the impact of incidents, and maintain business continuity. This approach recognizes that cybersecurity is not a one-time project but a dynamic and evolving process that requires constant attention and adjustment. 

ArmorPoint’s Cybersecurity Program Management Ecosystem

Managed SOC Services: Unified Security for Streamlined Operations

ArmorPoint’s flagship product since 2018, Managed SOC accelerates the maturity of an organization’s security operations program without having to build an in-house SOC. Using the ArmorPoint cloud-based SIEM platform, SOC analysts manage and remediate alerts generated from a client’s network devices, cloud environments, endpoints, and existing security tools.

Managed Risk Services: Comprehensive Risk Assessment and Mitigation

ArmorPoint’s Managed Risk services offer a pragmatic and systematic approach to continuously reduce your overall risk exposure. This service helps organizations evaluate each vulnerability based on potential impact and direct efforts and resources to where they’re needed most.

Managed Strategy Services: Dynamic Cybersecurity Planning and Advisory

ArmorPoint’s Managed Strategy services are designed to provide clients with strategic guidance and long-term cybersecurity planning. Our experts benchmark the maturity of your security posture and deliver valuable insights through comprehensive risk and security posture assessments.

The Vision Behind the Expansion

"Organizations need more than isolated security tools,” says David Trapp, ArmorPoint CEO. “Next-gen tools play a crucial role in incident detection and response, but ArmorPoint's integrated approach provides the expertise and management needed to proactively address vulnerabilities, align security efforts with business goals, and build a more resilient cybersecurity posture over time.” 

Commitment to Innovation and Excellence

The comprehensive solution suite creates new value to clients and channel partners alike. "These new solutions aren’t just a platform refresh; it’s a strategic approach that transcends the capabilities of typical security tool stack," says Corey Ayers, Director of Product Management for ArmorPoint. "Through extensive collaboration with our clients and partners, we've crafted a dynamic, customizable framework that meets our clients and partners at their current level of capability and programmatically uplifts their security program.”

To help organizations assess their current security posture, ArmorPoint has developed an online Security Self-Assessment quiz. For those looking to engage in an expert-led security posture discovery session, ArmorPoint offers complimentary cybersecurity workshops for qualified organizations. 

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About ArmorPoint

ArmorPoint, LLC provides proactive solutions for cyber resilience, not just reactive tools. Specializing in integrated cybersecurity program management, ArmorPoint delivers deep expertise fused with their innovative technology to continuously assess and mature your security posture, transforming cybersecurity from a defensive necessity to a strategic asset driving competitive advantage. To learn more, visit


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