Kettlebells – a better exercise tool? Tim Ferriss sure does think so.

kettlebells and tim ferriss

Kettlebells and Exercise Explained By Tim Ferriss

Kettlebells are one of the most effective exercise tools that you can use to lose weight. If you want to know how kettlebells should be used so as to attain a successful and fruitful weight loss journey, you may want to listen to Tim Ferriss as he can share a lot of things to you.

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Who is Tim Ferriss?

He is the author of the best seller book, “The 4-Hour Workweek”. This is a self-improvement program that consists of 4 steps, namely defining the aspirations, managing time, making automatic income as well as avoiding the trappings of the 9-to-5 life. When it comes to weight loss, he shared his thoughts in his book that was titled “The 4-Hour Body”. He is a 35-year old fitness freak and he is also an outdoor junkie.

kettlebells and tim ferriss

Why Should You Listen to Him?

Tim Ferriss is bringing an accessible but analytical approach to challenges of career advancement and self-improvement through what he is calling “lifestyle design”. He wrote his book, The 4-Hour Workweek, in 2007 and all his lectures about productivity are filled with some moving and motivating anecdotes which are mostly obtained from his life and personal experiences. This show how some simple decisions created despite hesitation or fear could make for a more meaningful daily experience in life or at work.

Meanwhile, Tim is a person who knows more about fitness and so, he wrote another book which is The 4-Hour Body. He shared a lot of helpful ways and information that you should know about weight loss and the use of kettlebells. He said that people tend to do something which is known as the biggest mistake that anyone can make as far as fitness is concerned.

People do believe that the initial purpose or training or sports is to enhance the performance and to lose fats. That is absolutely dangerous and injury prevention must be the leading priority here. Tim said that one should bulletproof his or her body first and then concentrate on his or her performance. Apart from that, it will depend on the motivations of every person and it is important to distinguish and recognize the difference between exercise and recreation.

Keep in mind that a ten miles running to stay sane is just good. But, it is important to carry out the minimal efficient dosage which means taking only what is needed by your body so as to obtain some positive effects. Likewise, people choose to carry out and focus their attention only on where they are good at. When you are a runner, you are running. Combine it with something else or you would suffer from overuse problems and stress.

What is The Four Hour Body?

Tim Ferriss is the author of the famous workout guide which is the 4 Hour Body. In this book, he attempted to provide insights to readers about how he was able to lose weight by means of binge eating and how he gained 34 lbs of muscles in just a month of working out. He spent 4 hours every month for his workout routine and he surprisingly obtained positive results in the long run.

When you visit the official website of his book, The 4-Hour Body, you will get some insights in the book’s theme. The book has been designed to give you some helpful tips on how you can lose weight. The primary tips for a successful weight loss journey involve avoiding those white foods that can make you gain weight, eating similar meal options repeatedly then skipping fruits. Every week, the dieter can take a day off to eat and enjoy what they want.

If you will check the contents, you will find that the Chapters three and four are mainly dedicated to muscle building and weight loss. The rest talk about other important matters which are quite associated with weight loss. These include sex, running faster, perfect sleep and reversing or recovering injuries. The reviews of this book are mixed and there are many dieters who are claiming the information included in the contents of this book is not a new one, but the author managed to keep his readers read the book until the last page.

Here is an instant snapshot of the sections of this book that can range from ten to 80 pages:

  • Subtracting fat
  • Improving sex
  • Adding muscle
  • Perfecting sleep
  • Running farther and faster
  • Reversing injuries
  • Getting stronger
  • Having a better and longer life
  • From swinging to swimming

What are the Advantages of The 4-Hour Body?

The 4-Hour Body comes with the following benefits that you will surely enjoy:

  • This book discusses something about healthy eating which pertains to avoiding white foods such as rice.
  • The 4-Hour Body supports slow carb or low carb eating.
  • It also involves some important factors such as exercise and sleep and the way they contribute to a successful weight loss.

What are the Disadvantages of The 4-Hour Body?

On the other hand, this book comes with some drawbacks that include the following:

  • Most contents of the book are all about other topics aside from weight loss.
  • Cheat and binging days aren’t part of a long-term weight loss.
  • The dieters aren’t thrilled by the details that are included in the contents of this book.

The Final Verdict

The 4-Hour Body which was written by Tim Ferriss is a great guide that can help you learn how you can lose weight in the easiest way. The author of this book attempts to provide the readers with some ways on how to lose more excess pounds in less time so they could spend more time in doing other things they love. Tim Ferriss said that weight loss is all about the changes that take place in life and things should be taken slowly and surely because speeding through losing weight may result to rebound weight gain. In this book, Tim encourages the use of kettlebells which can help a person to lose weight.

How about a cheaper alternative to the factory-made kettlebell? Tim has an answer for that as well!