Inner Game and Your Psychological Map of the Matrix

What is Inner Game?

Inner game is the language you use when you talk to yourself, when you explain to yourself what the world is like and how you fit into it. It is EVERYTHING when it comes to making your life better by becoming a better person, because to make yourself better you must first BELIEVE that you are ALREADY better. This may sound strange or something like an inner con job, but stay with me here.

The language you use to talk to yourself to describe the world around you and how you fit into it is will affect your life by reinforcing behaviors that you praise yourself for and punishing yourself continuously for everything you don’t like about yourself. If you talk to a girl and she is cold to you, the language you use to describe what happened to yourself will determine how every subsequent encounter with women will go. If you go to a job interview and don’t get the job, the same thing is true – your self-worth and feeling of value and belonging will be critically affected by the words you choose. “I’m not good enough” or “how could I be that stupid” or “what did I think would happen” or “they’ll see right through me and know how worthless I am” are all examples of negative self-talk that triggers our subconscious to come to our rescue and bring supporting evidence for whatever  we just said inside our heads. If you say “I am so stupid” your subconscious will bring up all the times when you were indeed pretty stupid. If you say “I am so ugly”, it will again bring up all the times when you felt ugly.

There is no such thing as an objective reality. There is no reality outside of our perception of it. None. Ancient Greeks began a philosophical trend that has been analyzed for millennia and  is yet to be effectively argued. Our perception determines our reality.  You may say – a rose by any other name – but I’ll counter that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Change your inner beliefs and you change your view of the world and your own confidence and behavior, which in turn completely changes how you are perceived and how those around you treat you. This becomes a virtuous circle that keeps reinforcing the behavior that leads to further growth and improvement. THIS is how you rise above whatever you think is holding you back.

Take a look at some of the videos below – they distill perfectly the concept of inner game and how we must tackle that first to affect change in our lives for the better. Growth comes through pressure and pain, and this step won’t be painless, but if you have what it takes, once you get through to the other side you will be amazed at how beautiful life becomes. Let’s get started on this journey!



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