Mobile Biometric Enrollment / Validation AFIS & ABIS/ Verification tablet

Mobile Biometric Enrollment / Validation AFIS & ABIS/ Verification tablet

Mobile Biometric enrollment, verification and validation

CardLogix Company

CardLogix Company

World first mobile biometric enrollment, validation (AFIS & ABIS) and instant verification

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 19, 2022 / — CardLogix, an expert in biometric, secure smart card & credential solutions has improved the world best and most cost effective mobile biometric enrollment, verification (AFIS & ABIS) and instant validation with their BIOSID™ PRO. This mobile device has the ability to enroll, validate through AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) & ABIS (Automatic Biometric Identification System) while providing an instant verification of the user’s biometric information (fingerprints, face and iris) regardless of their location, connectivity and environment.

Built to withstand any environment, with its IP65 certification, the BIOSID™ PRO was design to replace any desktop system with an intuitive solution that only takes minutes to use. It can be connected to the internet, through WiFi, BLE, LAN (with its RJ45 jack) or Global GSM capability and send the enrollment information to a secure location (device, secure credential or cloud) instantly. The BIOSID™ PRO can also verify instantly the individual’s biometric information with a secure credential, a cloud server or with the device storage.

With CardLogix smart card expertise, the BIOSID™ PRO is fully compatible with CardLogix M.O.S.T. operating system. All secure credentials are design with the highest security, cost effectiveness and speed of operation. No other companies can offer this flexibility, customization and capability. This device was designed to support any application, market and environment. It is also fully compatible with the CardLogix CLX Enroll Biometric (desktop enrollment system). CardLogix can customize the BIOSID™ PRO application to include any specifications (in any language).

“We are very excited in expanding the security and capability for the BIOSID™ PRO. During enrollment, with our AFIS and ABIS capability, all users are 100% vetted to be unique with no chance of duplicity or users creating multiple identities. During the validation, you are now confident that all users, are who they are, instantly (regardless of connectivity). Also, due to its internal capability, individuals no longer need to travel to get their secure credentials or become enrolled, for government requirements or enterprise needs, anyone can be enrolled, verified and validated on the spot anywhere around the world!” stated Sebastien Goulet, CEO of CardLogix. “Individuals can now be enrolled, validated or verified in minutes using the best biometric technologies from NEUROtechnology, Rank One Computing, and Princeton Identity. The BIOSID™ PRO is truly a game changer, cost-effective and unique device that can be used for border crossing, hospitals, police verification, enrollment and verification (employees, students, visitors, etc..) and numerous other applications. With Cardlogix ability to customize any projects, any requirements can be provided regardless of location or size.”

For future interest about the BIOSID™ PRO and other solution provided by CardLogix, please visit our produce website at, CardLogix website at, or contact us at +1 (949)-380-1312 or for more information.

About CardLogix:
CardLogix, based in Irvine, California, USA, is a smart card manufacturer, secure credential provider, biometric solution installer and software developer for customization or complete solution deployment. CardLogix offers smart card components with a comprehensive line of software development Kits (SDK), tools that enable swift card or biometric project development and smart card printers (with their consumables). Since 1998, CardLogix has supplied millions of cards and card components to over 84 countries around the world, CardLogix has continuously been at the forefront of smart card and biometric technology offering all types of solutions.
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Mobile Biometric enrollment, verification (AFIS & ABIS), and instant verification

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