Diverse Exercises for Diverse Users

Diverse Exercises for Diverse Users
Diverse Exercises for Diverse Users

MoveStrong’s Hybrid System for Schools, Parks and Communities

NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Planning a fitness site for a large variety of people is challenging, as it needs to cover many different fitness levels and workout goals. MoveStrong’s FitGround, an outdoor functional fitness area, has been designed to fit the diverse needs of users in parks, communities, or schools.

Together with MoveStrong, Central Regional Schools Seaside Heights in New Jersey has planned a hybrid system that guarantees exercise diversity, and fun, challenging movements for students, staff, education classes, faculty, and the community. The layout features four different zones that focus on different fitness aspects.

The centerpiece of the installation is a functional fitness zone and obstacle course. It combines the MoveStrong T-Rex multi-station system for strength and calisthenics training with a FitGround area for stretching, flexibility, and bodyweight resistance exercises. Adjustable equipment challenges every user’s physical fitness and athleticism. An Elevate Trainer, dip attachments, overhead ladder, rings, climbing rope, a kickplate, and different height bars are available to perform numerous movements.

A conditioning zone invites users to perform sweaty HIIT workouts that target endurance, coordination, and power. A heavy bag, battle ropes, and plyo steps support strength and agility.

Zone number three is formed by a four-lane track with sled pushes and space for speed and agility exercises. Specialty surfacing expands across 40 yards providing suitable sprint exercise with training graphics designed into the artificial turf.

To include younger athletes, a fourth zone is equipped with an agility course to work on balance, enhance flexibility and improve body control. This area also has accessible fitness stations for users in a wheelchair.

Central Regional Schools Seaside in New Jersey is one of many schools, parks, and communities all over the country providing outdoor training possibilities, enhancing both the physical and mental health of users by fresh air and sun while working out.

While the community is already “using and loving it” as Tom Parlapanides, superintendent of the school describes; the official launch will be celebrated with a ribbon cutting this coming September.

All equipment is made in the USA. Built to be weather resistance with an extensive warranty. Planning, Layout & Design, full installation of both equipment and surfacing, along with opening day support and training education are all part of the project.

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– Mainly industrial customers for indoor and outdoor fit ground and obstacle courses, including recreation centers, gyms, parks, health clubs, schools, military, fire and EMT, law enforcement, and ROTC

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Diverse Exercises for Diverse Users

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