dji phantom charger dc quick review test

DJI Phantom 3 quick charging in the field

Once you get that drone you wanted and start shooting with it you will invariably start to see how it can be applied to raise the production value of your content.  Then you will realize how short battery life really is, even on the Phantom 3, when you start flying longer missions for more epic shots (ahem – watch those FAA guidelines)))).  Then you will buy another battery.  Not cheap!  (Get best deal here: )   Then you’ll get another.   Then you’ll start to think……and this is how we get to field charging.  I have a total of three batteries but still bought this Smartree DC Quick Charger for the Phantom 3 (not for the Standard – won’t charge its remote controller – only for the Advanced and Professional models.)    After I got it, I filmed a full test and review – see below – but the bottom line is that I love it and it works great!  Smart buy at only about $30!