Gym Paws – The Solution To Gym Calluses

Gym Paws – The Solution To Gym Calluses

If you’ve ever been to the gym to work out, you’ve seen the weights and all the machines that have hand grips of various shapes, sizes, and materials. All of these materials, rubber or knurled metal, have a lasting effect on your hands as you use them more and more.  It gets pretty ugly!

Over the last year I’ve started to lift weights more and more, to the point where now I am doing it five times per week and noticing a real difference in appearance and actual strength. Unfortunately, the calluses on my hands also show the added wear and tear that handling all those weights has caused.

Recently I bought a pair of Gym Paws on Amazon (take a look at them here: ) in an attempt to at least stop the process by which my hands have started to resemble a ditch-digger’s, and I am happy to say that they are mostly a great improvement with one small caveat – their thickness (small as it may be) still causes you to have to grip a bar tighter with your fingers than without them, when you are able to fully close your fingers around the bar. This is a small price to pay, believe me! I wholeheartedly support this product because if I had known about it eight months ago, the calluses you see above would not be on my hands today. Give it a try – you won’t be sorry!   Regardless – hit the gym and keep improving until your last day on this Earth!  Eat well and exercise and you will live a happier life – even calluses are well worth the benefit. )))

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