How do I cook a great meal to impress?

How do I cook a great meal to impress?

So, you’ve got a girl coming over tomorrow night and you want to impress her?  Got family coming?  Want to cook something yourself?  Sure, I know you do.   How hard is it to cook something that actually tastes good?  Let’s take a look…..

So you buy $90 worth of groceries…..

2015-12-28 19.53.03

Including some frozen scallops.  Then you defrost them and throw them into some hot olive oil…..
So you defrosted the scallops per the instructions, cut the mushrooms, the onions, and the other veggies you got (I am using white asparagus)….

Speaking of cutting things – I like good knives!  Recently I bought a real German Henckels chef’s knife, and a Wusthos paring knife that I use for smaller jobs. Good blades!

I like to add a little bacon for the frying oil – cut up bacon strips and fry with the veggies.

This is how we are frying the combination of the veggies and the bacon.  The pan, I might add, is another revelation – why spend $50 on an Italian frying pan when you can spend $11 on a Chinese frying pan from a local retailer?   How about this option:  click here.

Medium flame…..
And my personal favorite – chile garlic sauce.

Fry the combination….
Finish defrosting the scallops.And prepare a wok to deep-fry the scallops once defrosted.
This is how it starts.


And this is how it looks once you get them nice and brown in the olive oil, over a good flame….


Et, voila!  The final result.  This will impress any date you may bring home, let me tell you!