Volocopter Completes First Full-Scale Flight of VoloCity eVTOL – TransportUP

Volocopter Completes First Full-Scale Flight of VoloCity eVTOL – TransportUP

17 April 2022 || 3 min read

Volcopter, the German-based eVTOL manufacturer, has completed its first flight of Volocity. The VoloCity will be the fourth-generation electrical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) by the company since its founding.

Volocity is propelled by 18 rotors, with redundancy in all critical systems, a low noise signature and a rigid commitment to the inner-city mission. According to Volocopter, “the VoloCity will become the first commercially licensed Volocopter, developed according to the high standards and requirements of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Our intensive testing programme has informed the innovative design and the outstanding overall performance of the VoloCity. Quiet, safe, and comfortable, the Volocity engenders Urban Air Mobility.”

VoloCity was announced in 2019 and released a re-design in 2020 and intends to be fully certified and ready for commercial entry to service in conjunction with the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Volocopter commented on a blog post of the first flight, “Today, we celebrate a remarkable achievement: the culmination of our aspiration to create a better future in which electric aircraft and emission-free flights are the new dimension of global mobility. As Volocopter taxis toward this new frontier, it will make urban flights just a few smartphone clicks away. These moments demonstrate how our pioneering spirit will bring our vision to life before our very eyes. And it’s just the push we need as we enter the final leg of the race to commercial launch.”

Why it matters: While not the most exciting of flights, the short hover test marks a significant milestone for Volocopter’s VoloCity program as it transitions from a concept to a real aircraft. As testing progresses, expect to see VoloCity’s flight envelope expand to meet the desired operating characteristics and work begin towards EASA certification in 2024.

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