Collaboration Set to Develop Lidar-Based Mobile Robotics Solutions

Collaboration Set to Develop Lidar-Based Mobile Robotics Solutions

High-performance lidar solutions provider Cepton, Inc. is collaborating with Exwayz to demonstrate new lidar-based perception solutions for mobile robotics applications.

Exwayz provides plug-and-play perception software to enable lidar-based 3D mapping, localization and re-localization as well as object detection and classification. Its complete SDK for real-time 3D lidar processing is used primarily in mobile robotics for logistics, construction, security and more. 

Lidar solution providers, regardless of their own software capabilities, can integrate Exwayz’s software with their own lidar hardware for an easy demonstration of how lidar enhances intelligence for robotic applications. 

Cepton’s collaboration with Exwayz aims to enhance Cepton’s existing perception solutions, creating new possibilities to streamline the development and demonstration of lidar-integrated robotic systems across a fast-growing customer base.

Cepton offers a full suite of lidar sensors for automotive and smart infrastructure applications, as well as proprietary perception solutions. 

Cepton’s collaboration with Exwayz further unlocks the potential utilization of its lidar technology across a wide range of mobile robotics applications. By leveraging the versatility and reliability of Cepton’s high-performance, easy-to-integrate lidars, Cepton and Exwayz aim to provide an immediate solution to expediting solution integration processes for global customers.

“Cepton’s automotive-grade lidar sensors have demonstrated the quality and reliability necessary for mobile robotics solutions,” said Henri Häfner, Director Product Management, Marketing and Business Development at Cepton. “Our core lidar technology enables an optimal combination of high performance, ruggedness and unrivaled embeddability. We are now pleased to be working with Exwayz to also deploy Cepton’s award-winning Nova Lidar for near-range applications. Nova is designed to address perception blind spots, with its miniature size that’s ideal for smaller unmanned systems. Exwayz offers outstanding customer-centric support along with their products. Their agile and dynamic working style impressed me from day one. We can’t wait to showcase to our customers how they can utilize accurate, anonymous 3D lidar perception to elevate the intelligence and safety of mobile robotics.”

“We have been working with Cepton since the first day we released our product in October 2021,” said Mathias Corsia, CTO and co-founder at Exwayz. “In addition to the impressive range and level of details measured by their sensors, we were very impressed by the compactness and variety of Cepton’s product line, which fits perfectly the industry needs in terms of integration and robustness for making autonomous systems a reality.”

Hassan Bouchiba, CEO and co-founder at Exwayz, added: “We are thrilled by the experiments our teams are carrying together on the brand-new Nova lidar and we cannot wait to see it integrated in various systems for making 3D perception reliable and safe at a near range.”

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