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AVSS has successfully completed the $1.1M contract that was rewarded in January 2022
with delivery and final demonstration completed in Ear Falls, Ontario with Transport
Canada, Indigenous Services Canada, and 3 Points in Space Media in March 2022.

(New Brunswick, Canada) – AVSS, a Canadian aerospace manufacturer that develops
Parachute Recovery Systems (PRS), Flight Termination Systems (FTS), and Precision
Payload Delivery Systems (PPDS), is pleased to announce that all contract requirements for
the 100-unit PPDS order, PRS integrations, and product demonstrations were completed in
March 2022.

During the final phase of the contract, AVSS successfully demonstrated the performance of
the PRS-M300 with 100% of parachute deployments operating as intended under various
failure scenarios. For the PPDS, AVSS proved the flexibility of drop system with integration
into four different commercial drone platforms. Moreover, the PPDS landing accuracy was
demonstrated with 88.90% of all autonomous guided drops reaching within 15 meters of
the landing target.

The contract was awarded under the Innovation, Science and Economic Development
Canada (ISED) Testing Stream. AVSS is now pursuing the Pathway to Commercialization
stage, where other government organizations can purchase up to $8 Million of the PPDS
without procurement competition for three years.

“We are very happy with our teams’ performance to deliver the hardware units, completing
the integration tasks, and demonstrating the products in the harsh Canadian winter. We’ve
already received several integration requests and recently begun integrating this technology with key drone manufacturing partners. These partners are excited about how the PPDS can expand their drone platform’s capabilities in last-mile delivery and how it can be adapted to prevent uncontrolled parachute drift when used as a parachute recovery
system”, says Josh Boudreau, CTO of AVSS.

The PPDS is a dual-use technology that enables drones, helicopters, and small aeroplanes to deliver critical supplies to hard-to-reach destinations where landing and take-off of an aircraft is not ideal. This technology can be used for delivering medical kits for
Search and Rescue operations or Meal, Ready to Eat field rations to firefighters in wildfires.

ABOUT AVSS: AVSS – Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions Inc. (AVSS) is a Canadian aerospace
company commercializing drone technology for Urban Air Mobility. AVSS’s current products
are ASTM F3322-18 parachute recovery systems for commercial drones, flight termination
systems, and precision payload delivery systems for last-mile delivery. AVSS’s Parachute
Recovery Systems (PRS) are distributed worldwide through their more than 50 authorized
dealer network and integrated directly to commercial drone manufacturers. The Precision
Payload Delivery System (PPDS) is an autonomous guided parachute system to deliver
mission-critical supplies to hard-to-reach locations.

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