The Exorcist – Hoax or Stunt or Comic Book? Crazy video from Russia

Is there a new hero coming or some PR stunt being planned?

Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, atheism, socialism, democracy, tyranny, heaven, hell, God, devil, gothic, demon, archangel – in the new history of comics there is a new superhero – Exorcist – sexy gothic girl who has the powers of all the worlds’ religions.

That IndieGoGo project just went live – check it out here:

The time of the great battle was finally upon us. The battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. All faiths joined this battle, for they all stood to lose their souls in the wager. Their warrior, sent to Earth to battle for the soul of humanity, was The Exorcist. Her nemesis was Slaver, with the forces of darkness waging everything on this final battle.

Exorcism and exorcists have come up in history, films, and comics, before, but in the past these characters never had the charisma, attraction, sexuality, or grand scale that the new heroine has in spades.

Two heroes – of goodness and light, of darkness and evil, will battle for our world.

The time was now. The time was always … now.

That big claim turned out to be more than empty words. The first two books that are being prepared to go to press contain so many demons, spirits, archangels, and zombies, that the script takes one’s breath away. The first book also introduces another anti-hero of sort – Slaver. An idealized male body, that of an athlete, covered in a scaly snake skin, and with human eyes. He is the ruler of all dark forces loose on the Earth. Do you really think he will succumb and surrender? Will he go gently into that dark night?

Yes. We are those who carry the light and the darkness within us. Magic, belief, reason, cynicism…heaven and hell. If there is no black, there can be no white. If there be no evil, there can be no good. If there is no devil, there is no God.

So that is how it will be – battle of equals, with us, the viewers, developing a sympathy for both of them, hero and villain. What’s really cool is that in book 2, the heroine wakes all demons and monsters living in Moscow in the year 2020, and the destruction begins… Do you wonder if Trump will tweet about the Kremlin falling off the face of the Earth back to the hell where its demons came from? I see a scandal brewing already, but we’ll have to wait and read the final book version and to see the actual Russian reaction. No one has ever dealt this sort of blow to Russia in a work of fiction! The third book, according to the writers, will take place in China, and we can’t even begin to imagine who The Exorcist will be taking to task over there! What surprises do The Exorcist and Slaver hold for us?

To support this project, the creators behind The Exorcist have developed a full marketing campaign across several continents. YouTube is already full of videos about The Exorcist, whose inspiration and real-life incarnation is the European singer Victoria Unikel. She has Russian roots, which helps to explain her run-ins with the KGB and its modern equivalents as she fervently fought against the status quo in the Kremlin with her musical group, also called Exorcist. She has personally witnessed real exorcisms run by the Russian Orthodox Church, and the video from these is being published almost daily. Going back to the subversive actions of Victoria in Moscow, none have gotten more attention than when she tried to remove Lenin from the mausoleum with support of major figures in Russian politics. They are also dumping tons of documentary footage about this and other events on YouTube. The Soviet and now Russia security services have quite a file on her!

The number of fans of Exorcist – the music and the comic and the woman behind it all – is growing by leaps and bounds – thousands at this point.  We are all eagerly awaiting The Exorcist’s appearance on bookshelves and on screens. Can The Exorcist really be the coolest new superhero?

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