Protein shakes – the exercise muscle wonder

Protein shakes – the exercise muscle wonder
Protein shakes – the exercise muscle wonder

The Importance of Protein Shakes after Exercises to Help Muscle Recovery and Growth

When you usually perform tough exercises, most of your body muscles are challenged. Even your fibers start to go through a break down. As per the process of rebuilding and repairing those fibers, you need the right amount of amino acids from the protein. This can help encourage muscular growth and health recovery. Even though there are several sources of protein to help you with the process, there are still a lot of advantages from drinking protein shakes after exercises.

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Compact Nutrition

The protein powder that is mostly found in protein shakes is such a good source of nutrient. This only means that protein shakes can offer the right amount of nutrition to your body. There will only be fewer calories to get from it.

When you have performed a lot of exercises, your body requires the right amount of nutrition for recovery. However, it does not require an excess in calories to offset your effort and time throughout the exercise period. For the best results possible, you need to drink protein shake that contains carbohydrates. Your purpose is to recover fast and get more strength.

Muscle Growth and Recovery

Most of the protein powders that are now available in the market feature whey protein isolate or concentrate as its main ingredient. And thus, whey is considered to be fast acting types of protein. Most of those people who want to take this can easily digest it. This is what makes protein shakes essential after the exercise is performed. Whey is an essential ingredient of the protein shakes that can stimulate muscle gain. This is also especially if you are exposed to tougher forms of exercises.

Reducing Body Fat

Apart from muscle growth and recovery, this can also help you to losing weight fast. This can be done if you will consume protein shakes with other resistance exercises. An increase in intake of protein shakes after exercises can help you get rid of those unwanted body fats.

Better Health

Drinking protein shakes after exercises helps you to avoid visiting your doctor. This also gives you an enhanced immune system. People who are mostly exposed to tough exercises often get sick. They suffer from extreme body pain wherein they end up visiting their doctor or physician. This will no longer happen if you will drink protein shakes. These can help promote better health despite the complexity of the exercises.

With the many benefits that protein shakes can offer you with after exercises, it is not surprising to know that more people are attracted to these shakes. Protein shakes are essential especially for those who perform different types of exercises. They can let their muscle grow and recover from the pain caused by these exercises. With protein shakes, you are most assured of achieving a good health. You can finally be free from pain and other unhealthy concerns after exercises. You now realize the importance of protein shakes after exercises!

How to Make and Blend Your Own Protein Shake

First off, you’ll need a blender to make your own shake and avoid paying $9 at a retail juice bar.  A traditional blender or a Nutribullet – my personal favorite.

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Watch Brooke Burke make a protein shake:


And here is the classic – Joe Rogan’s Green Kale Shake, made by the man himself:


Best Time to Consume Protein Shakes in Relation to Exercise

It is best to drink the shake within 30 minutes after finishing your exercise routine for best absorption and effect for your body.

how do i make protein shakes

It often tastes much better than it looks. Really. ))

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