Mike Cernovich and the Gorilla Mindset

Mike Cernovich and the Gorilla Mindset
Mike Cernovich and the Gorilla Mindset

What is this Gorilla Mindset that people are talking about more and more? Who is Mike Cernovich?

The tagline on the book cover pretty much says it all.

How to dominate and unleash the animal inside you to live a life of health, wealth, and freedom.

From what I read in Gorilla Mindset so far, that tagline lives up to its promise. I initially bought my copy of Gorilla Mindset on Amazon (buy it here) and got to see Mike talk about it today at his seminar in LA. Having followed the subject of both evolutionary psychology and the feminization of the American male, the subject certainly resonated with me.  See what Mike discusses in the book for yourself here.

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Mike on the subject of reclaiming one’s masculinity:

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