Colin Hay – Living Legend

Colin Hay – Living Legend
Colin Hay – Living Legend

I find Colin Hay, as we see him in the media today, to be a great symbol of aging gracefully and leveraging the skill and emotional intelligence of life experience seems to have taught him. Full disclaimer – I grew up in the 1980’s listening to all the Men At Work hits. You know the ones I am talking about if you were born in the 1970’s. Here is a small sample:


Colin came back onto my radar when I stumbled across his documentary on Amazon Video (his website mention).  The movie had my full attention for its full run time because Colin’s life seems to be so interesting and so full of self-reflection and stumbling around before finding some sort of center that it can serve as a lesson for most anyone. He is everyman who suddenly found fame, had that fame hurt him, and finally found a way to bring balance into his life.  Is this not what a great story is made of? Could you not dream of developing this character for your scripted feature?

The substance abuse, loss of a band-mate and friend to the same hell of sudden fame, loss of relationships and eventually career downturn – these are all common themes with too many people these days. But – the primary reason why I think Colin’s character is able to reach so many, especially so many that are at the midpoint in their lives, is because his is a story of a man who finally finds peace and ages as gracefully as anyone can.  Everyone goes crazy with age in their own little funny ways – some midlife crises take the form of motorcycles, new rock bands, or splurging on luxury to drown the pain of growing older in a society that values youth and vigor. Maybe you don’t need to keep teaching old dogs new tricks, but rather have them learn to leverage their old tricks. Colin has mastered this.

He has found another calling as well – reaching his existing audience of millions to teach them as well as entertain them.



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