Gary Vee – Act Like a Media Company

Gary Vee – Act Like a Media Company
Gary Vee – Act Like a Media Company

Gary Vee – Act Like a Media Company

I heard Gary Vee today (read about it) – the podcast in which he discussed the need for all of us to act like a media company, and I thought long and hard about this. Who is a good example of this? What comes to mind immediately are the social influencers who have internalized that mantra and are not afraid of the social stigma of photographing their food at restaurants and looking for that perfect spot to take a selfie, with just

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the perfect amount of lens flare, bare skin, and visual proof that some people out there truly love their life. The hash tags will usually underline this last fact. Without analyzing the influencers too deeply, we can all see and agree with the fact that they really do treat their daily life like a series of experiences that can be packaged up and shared. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, it doesn’t matter.  The market is agnostic and only cares about what you have to show it and the context in which they discover it. Gary Vee is the master of spinning up his own brand, starting from the Wine Library store and now expanding into an entire media empire.

Content vs Context

Gary talked about content vs context – this really hit a nerve with me because I’ve seen an excellent example of this recently in the social media, when world-renowned violinist Josh Bell was playing in a Washington DC subway station and no one even slowed down to listen. At about that time he was playing to audiences paying $100 per seat to hear him play live. Why was this? Because the context of the subway station told the public that he was probably a busker or not a good musician to start with. That he was playing one of the most complicated pieces on a violin worth $3.5 million dollars did nothing to change their minds. Watch the video for youself.

Live like a media brand, be a media brand

How does one do that? Time to imitate those teenagers – look at the world with eyes of wonder and excitement. Fake it if you have to, but eventually you too will develop the curiosity that is needed to look at the mundane in a new way.  You will see everything in such a way that you will want to share what you see due to genuine interest and gratitude and desire to share it.  To enrich the lives of others, not just fatten your wallet. Ironically, your wallet will fatten when you do this because doing things for mercenary reasons is easily visible to the people out there.  No one likes to think of themselves as dupes of manipulating media executives. This is why influencers are such good sellers of goods and services – they first earn the people’s trust with their content.  When the time comes for a product placement, this personal connection the viewer feels translates to fewer barriers to accepting the offer being presented.

Lose the outcome-centered mentality

If you go into any relationship or interaction with the expectation of getting something out of it, you are doomed to failure. This is as true of dating as it is of business marketing. Few things kill the authenticity of a pitch than to know that someone is pulling the wool over your eyes, as opposed to having a friend tell you about something cool. Be the friend, and share cool things, don’t ‘sell’.

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Good luck out there!

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